Liz, Beth, Elizabeth (lizbit712) wrote,
Liz, Beth, Elizabeth

Not much

I am troubled today, but I'm not quite sure why. It seems that I am lost in a labrynth of ideas and I have no clarity to speak of. It seems that, that is always the case. I can never concentrate on any one thing for too long because life has these annoying little ways of distracting me daily. And when I am alone my mind can not sit still in order to focus on any one particular idea or thought because there are so many piled up in the back of my mind. It's only in a room full of people that the aforementioned thoughts and ideas suddenly become orderly and clear and at that point I lack the neccessary tools and time to take them down. I verbalize myself well enough I suppose, but I don't always want to tell someone else what is in my mind. I may just want to keep it for personal reference. Sometimes its just nobodies business. That is why this whole online journal blogger idea is so phenomanal to me. I 'm quite sure that there will be few if any people visiting this particular journal in sight of all the others but still it's strange the idea of it. That anyone can look at it. Well, I guess we'll see then. buh bye.
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